Hello I'm Lili

Graphic Designer - Currently in Portugal

Bringing awareness to the Uyghurs, a Turkish minority that is having their human rights taken away.

The Next Testament

Research on transhumanism and how it is influencing our world. Creation of a guide of the new world.

Mad Awards

Creation of a fictional award show that gives the stage to projects about mental health in diverse creative fields.

Editorial project based on the dichotomy of Art and the Artist - seeing the artists' lives behind the lens.


An authorial project that reflects on how the algorithm works and how it shapes us and influences us.

Cinemateca Portuguesa

Re-branding of Cinemateca Portuguesa - Cinema Museum. Creation of a print campaign and merchandise.

MATT Transversal

Creation of an Identity and print campaign for a fictional program titled MATT Transversal.


A social campaign that brings awareness to how victims of human trafficking are unconsciously deceived.






All work by Liliana Rodrigues unless otherwise noted.